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Speed Reader

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Reading of laser-induced fluorescence immunochromatographic assays

Presentation Advantages

Method : Reading of laser-induced fluorescence immunochromatographic assays

Analysis : Quantitative dosage depending on tests

Preparation : 2 minutes

Reading : 10 to 15 minutes

Dimensions : 276x220x91 mm, 1,3 kg

Storage : -20°C to +50°C, <90% humidity, use between +15°C and +35°C - 10% to 70% humidity


Speed ​​Reader offers the possibility to read several tests. The offer of compatible tests is scalable both in terms of the different valences and the species that can be tested for each valence.

Easy to use, fast and versatile, Speed ​​Reader is the ideal companion to allow the practitioner to carry out regular screenings and follow-ups for both chronic diseases and in the context of reproduction.

Why to use Speed Reader ?

Thanks to its small format and its touch screen, Speed ​​Reader is practical and saves time. Indeed, it avoids many shipments to laboratories and gives results that are just as reliable but faster.

The range of tests it can read relate to chronic diseases as well as reproduction and on several species. Its speed encourages screenings to be offered more often, which aims to prevent certain diseases, but also to offer customers broader services and therefore increase customer satisfaction.

When to use Speed Reader ?

From screening to diagnosis and from punctual treatment to follow-up, the use cases of Speed ​​Reader are very wide. It can be used for your routine exams.