Virbac Diagnostics

About us

About us

Assist vet-practitioner in his first-line diagnosis approach

Part of Virbac group, Virbac Diagnosticsdevelops and markets the Speed diagnostic range, a wide range of rapid tests designed for companion and food producing animals , that can be used directly by vet-practitionners during a consultation or a visit.

Based on flow immunochromatography and liquide microwell culture techniques, SpeedTM diagnostics are easy and quick to perform and bring to vet-practitionners rapid and reliable answers to adjust their prescription and to screen infectious and chronic diseases from the early stages.

Speed range quality is regularly controled using an ISO 9001 process. 

Proof of reliability, the Speed range is now available in nearly 40 countries over the 5 continents.

We are at your service for any question or comments about our range of products.