Virbac Diagnostics



Dermatophytest picture

Detection of dermatophytes via culture on selective medium

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Odelis CPSE

Odelis CPSE picture

ELISA kit for the measurement of CPSE

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Ovulation test

Ovulation test picture

Rapid semi-quantitative assay of serum or plasma progesterone concentration

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Speed Biogram

Speed Biogram picture

Identification of bacteria (+ yeasts) and antibiotic sensitivity for cutaneous, auricular and urinary infections

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Speed Diro

Speed Diro picture

Rapid detection of circulating antigens of Dirofilaria immitis

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Speed Distemper

Speed Distemper picture

Rapid detection of Canine Distemper Virus antigens

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Speed Duo FeLV/FIV

Speed Duo FeLV/FIV picture

Rapid combined detection of FeLV antigens and anti-FIV antibodies

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Speed Duo Leish K/Ehrli

Speed Duo Leish K/Ehrli picture

Rapid combined detection of anti-Leishmania infantum and anti-Ehrlichia canis antibodies

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Speed Ehrli

Speed Ehrli picture

Rapid detection of anti-Ehrlichia canis antibodies

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Speed F-Corona

Speed F-Corona picture

Rapid detection of anti-Feline Coronavirus antibodies

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