Speed F-Corona

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Rapid detection of anti-Feline Coronavirus antibodies

Presentation Advantages

Method: Membrane Immunochromatography

Analysis: Detection of specific antibodies against protein N, naturally present in the capsid of coronavirus.

Sample: Whole blood with anticoagulant, plasma, serum, and ascitic fluid

Preparation: 2 minutes

Reading: 15 minutes

Storage: 24 months at room temperature (+2°C to +30°C)

Presentations: 6 tests, 20 tests

Reliability: Compared with the reference method, Indirect Immunoflurescence :

Sensitivity: 94 %
Specificity: 100 % (1)

When used in combination with other examinations (biochemistry, hematology, etc.)Speed F-CoronaTM can help to narrow the diagnosis of FIP.

Quick and easy, Speed F-CoronaTM can be used to determine a cat's serological status against coronavirus in only 15 minutes.

Speed F-CoronaTM can be stored for 24 months at room temperature, between +2°C and +30°C.

Why to use Speed F-Corona TM ?

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is caused by the feline coronavirus (FIPV), a spontaneous pathogenic mutation of the enteric coronavirus (FECV). The clinical presentation of FIP is vague and highly variable.

The disease is systematically fatal. There is currently no diagnostic method to identify the presence FIPV in FECV carriers (2).

The seroprevalence of coronavirus varies from 10% to 40% and affects around 75% of the population in contaminated catteries. Only 5% to 15% of seropositive cats develop FIP, the others remain transitory infected or healthy carriers and life-long excreters (3).

When to use Speed F-Corona TM ?

Speed F-CoronaTM can be used to detect infection with coronavirus but does not provide any information about its pathogenicity.

Following an in-depth clinical examination, Speed F-CoronaTM can help to associate the symptoms that indicate FIP to a coronavirus exposure or to rule out coronavirus infection from the differential diagnosis.

In catteries, Speed F-CoronaTM can be used to identify chronic carriers and protect healty, non-infected animals.

The test can also be used as a complement to FeLV and FIV tests, before introducing new cats to a group of seronegative animals.

Instructions for use



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(3) CACHON T, CHUZEL T. Epidémiologie, pathogénie et symptômes de la PIF. Point Vétérinaire, 2005, 254, 18-21



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