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Speed Progesterone

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Quantitative dosage of progesterone in serum or plasma

Presentation Advantages

Method : Immunochromatography

Analysis : Quantitative dosage of progesterone in serum or plasma

Sample : Serum, plasma

Reading : 10 minutes

Presentation : 6 tests

Storage : between 2°C and 8°C

Performances :

Speed ​​Progesterone measures blood progesterone levels, a reliable indicator for monitoring the female dog's reproductive cycle.

Simple and quick to implement, Speed ​​Progesterone allows the practitioner to carry out regular and precise monitoring of the female dog's heat thanks to a quantitative result.

By offering the opportunity to predict the precise moment of ovulation, Speed ​​Progesterone increases the fertility rate, while reducing the number of matings or of inseminations.

Why to use Speed Progesterone ?

The exact timing of ovulation in bitches can be highly variable: 20% of bitches ovulate outside of the 10th to 14th day of heat. Vaginal smears, combined with progesterone assays, provide the most accurate determination of ovulation to enable scheduling of insemination or mating.
Progesterone level is low prior to ovulation. It begins to increase at LH peak, reaching 5 to 10 ng/mL at the time of ovulation.

When to use Speed Progesterone ?

After monitoring the stages of pro-oestrus by smear, Speed ​​Progesterone makes it possible to determine the optimal date of mating or insemination.

Instructions for use

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